Rental Instructions

Rental Instructions

Cannonball Self Storage, Inc.

3143 E CR 64, Wellington CO 80549


Welcome to our facility!

1. You can rent your unit at our website at and move in today with a gate code and a lock.

2. Drop the managers temporary lock in the drop box at the office.  All renters are required to use the keyed disk locks provided.

3. Use the door stops attached to the doors, otherwise wind may damage the door or your belongings.  You will charged for damages.

4. Secure items that may tip over in your unit with rope or straps to the d-rings provided inside the unit.

5. Gate hours: 6 am-9 pm - Pull onto the concrete to exit the facility. There is a sensor in the concrete that will open the gate.

6. Tenants are responsible for notifying us of any change of address and/or phone number within 10 days of changes.

7. No refunds on rent already paid.

8. No semi trucks or truck/ trailer combinations of longer than 35' allowed.

9. Tenants must use a disk lock and may not use the overlock space of the unit


10. Fees; $40 fee for lock removal for any reason. $50/hr cleaning fee if unit is not completely cleaned out at move-out. Any trash removal or cleanup of items left outside the unit is $50/hr.

11. PARKING: guests must park outside the main gate. DO NOT BLOCK driveways. When loading or unloading, park on the side closest to your unit.

12. 5 MPH SPEED LIMIT for the safety of everyone. You are responsible for the safety and actions of your children and guests.

13. OUTSIDE STORAGE PARKING: Your parking space is marked with white posts and a tag, the number is to the right of your space as you are facing it. We recommend you lock your trailer/vehicle. Working on your unit onsite is prohibited. Storage of flammable materials is prohibited. Be careful parking your vehicle! You are responsible for any damage caused by you to the facility or to other vehicles and you agree, as a condition of renting from us, to pay for any damages you cause.

14. Vacating your unit:

a) To vacate you can call us or send us an email at

b) Storage unit must be vacated before your rent due date.

c) Storage unit not vacated before due date additional rent will be due.

d) All locks must be removed or additional rent will be due.